Echizen Washi no Sato

The Echizen Washi no Sato (Echizen Washi Village) is made up of three facilities that can touch the charm of Japanese washi pa

Hanahasu Koen (Lotus Park)

In Fukui, you can enjoy seeing the lotus flowers in summer. There is a “Hanahasu Koen (Lotus Park)” in Minami-Echi


Takahama town where is located at the westernmost end of Fukui is well-known for having eight beaches on the eight-kilometer l

Echizen Ono Castle, the castle in the sky

Echizen Ono Castle is a castle built on 249-meter high Kameyama in the Ono-bonchi Basin. Around 1575, it was built by Kanamori

Wakasa Fugu (pufferfish)

“Torafugu”, which is the most delicious among the edible Fugu (pufferfish) and is described as luxury food, is cal

Myotuji Temple

A Shingon sect temple “Myotsuji Temple” in Obama city was founded in 806 by Sakanoue Tamuramaro, who was then the

Yokokan Garden

Yokokan Garden is one of the most famous gardens representing the early to mid Edo period, and is a Kaiyu style garden (a styl

Hoyattei where you can eat unique Takoyaki

Yamauni is a condiment that has been traditionally made in the Kawada district of Fukui prefecture. Rubbing and kneading a ful

Snow Cafe where you can enjoy great chiffon cakes

Located in a countryside in Araki, Fukui City, “Snowcafe” is a cafe that was built by renovating an old house buil

Sabae Dog, the carriable Sauce Katsu Don

Located near JR Sabae Station in Fukui Prefecture, “Meat & Delica Sasaki” is a long-established butcher shop o

Kiritsuma Yane Gun

Located in the Enami neighborhood of Echizen-cho (town), “Kirizuma Yane Gun” is home to over 200 traditional Japanese buil

The Fukui prefectural government building

The Fukui prefectural government building is unique throughout the country as it is built on a moat. This is the place where o


Wakasa was one of the “Miketsukuni” provinces that supplied provinces making offerings to the Imperial court from

Eihei-ji, the Temple of Eternal Peace

Established in 1244 by Zen Master Dogen – who brought Zen teachings and practice to Japan from China-Eihei-ji, “The Temp

Mikuni Minato

A port town located at the mouth of the Kuzuryu River in the northern part of Fukui Prefecture, Mikuni Minato in Mikuni-cho (t

Hostel 291

Hostel291 is a guest house in Echizen City opened in September, 2018, and it places only three minute-walk from JR Takefu stat

Nishiyama Park

Nishiyama Park is a symbol of Sabae City where was certified as “Japan’s Top 100 Historical Parks” and appro

Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum

Located in Katsuyama-city, the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum is the largest dinosaur museum in Japan and is recognized as

Starbucks Coffee Takefu Chuo Koen

The Starbucks Takefu Chuo Park store in Echizen City adopted its design concept of “connection” and Mr. Taichi Yam

Awara Onsen (hot spring)

Awara Onsen (hot spring) located in the northern Fukui Prefecture was once a lowland swamp a long time ago, but in 1883 the ar

Urushi no Sato Kaikan

At Urushi no Sato Kaikan, you can look around the manufacturing process of lacquerware from wooden basis make to decoration an

Kame House

There are eight beaches on the eight-kilometre long white sand beach in Takahama town where is ocated at the westernmost end o

The Okamoto Otaki Shrine, the only shrine in Japan to dedicate the paper goddess.

The Okamoto Otaki Shrine is the only shrine in Japan to dedicate the paper goddess, and the legend goes back to about 1500 yea

Echizen Oroshi Soba

No wonder why people in Fukui love soba noodles. Fukui is famous for its soul food ‘Echizen oroshi soba’ (buckwhea

Glasses Museum

At the “Glasses Museum” in Sabae city, they exhibit and sell more than 3,000 latest glasses of the 40 eyeglass com

Kehi Jingu Shrine

Kehi Jingu Shrine is the chief guardian shrine of the old Hokuriku-do region, and one of the tourist destinations representing

Echizen Gani

Ask anybody in Fukui and they will tell you that Echizen Gani are the “taste of winter.” Echizen Gani are a type of male s

Yōroppaken Sōhonten

Katsudon is loved by Japanese people. However in Fukui, a sauce taste is so commonly spread that Sauce Katsudon is served inst

Gotanjo-ji, the cat temple

Gotanjoji Temple is located in Echizen, Fukui Prefecture. This historical temple was built as Keizan Zenji, who opened the Sot

Mikatagoko, the five lakes of Mikata.

  Mikatagoko, literally “the five lakes of Mikata,” consists of five lakes with varying water quality and depth. Each

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