Glasses Museum

▲The Glasses Museum exterior. Photo by This is Fukui

At the “Glasses Museum” in Sabae city, they exhibit and sell more than 3,000 latest glasses of the 40 eyeglass companies in Fukui Prefecture. You can experience original frames and strap making by choosing colors and shapes at an experience studio called “Taiken Kobo.”In addition to “Megane Hakubutsukan” where you can learn about a history of eyeglasses and the eyewear manufacturing of 100 years back, there are a souvenir shop and cafe in the museum as well.

▲The picture at the experience studio “Taiken Kobo”. Photo by Megane Museum
▲Photo by This is Fukui

▲Photo by This is Fukui

You can check the items available for sale from here:

Glasses shop
Over 3,000 latest glasses of the 40 eyeglass companies in Fukui Prefecture.

▲Many products. Photo by This is Fukui

Souvenir shop “Sabae Sweets”
Selling highly selected sweets purchased directly from a famous confectionery store in Sabae city.
▲Souvenir shop. Photo by Megane Museum

In addition to the coffee purchased from the home-roasted coffee store “Tachibana-ya” in Echizen city in Fukui, you can taste the cake and jelly ordered on weekly basis from a cake shop in the city of Sabae.
▲Cafe. Photo by Megane Museum

In 2017, about 900-meter road from Sabae station to the Glasses Museum was reborn as a “Glasses Street.” This is a business that utilizes crowdfunding and hometown tax payment, and there are also a lot of benches, bollards, bridges and so on that have a glasses motif in the road.
▲Glasses even on the signboard. Photo by This is Fukui

▲There are many glasses on the stairs next to Sabae Station! Photo by This is Fukui
▲Even the shape of the bench is glasses! Photo by This is Fukui
▲The bollard wearing glasses. Photo by This is Fukui

Fukui Prefecture is the largest producer of eyeglasses with over 90% share of domestic eyeglass frame production. Especially, Sabae city is the leading area of all. A lot of glasses factories and stores are lined up in the city and its history goes back to 1905. The Father of domestic glasses, Masunaga Gozaemon brought in skilled craftsmen from Osaka and started with eyewear as a way to bring more work to the people in Fukui, then a farming community that needed more jobs during the cold, snowy winter. The skills were developed year by year, and it gradually became a division of labor on a piece basis, and the entire city of Fukui and Sabae became like one big factory that produces glasses. When World War II ended, the demand for eyeglasses has further been increased, and technology for making celluloid frames and sunglasses frames with various designs had developed. Sabae also started receiving many requests from well-known apparel brands. In 1983, Sabae was the first in the world to develop the technology for producing frames using light but sturdy titanium. The city established a position internationally as a glasses producing area. It became known as the world’s biggest glasses production area along with Italy and China.

▲There are many sun glasses as well. Photo by This is Fukui

2-3-4, Shin-Yokoe, Sabae-shi, Fukui.

About 10 minutes walk from JR Sabae Station.

[Business hours]
Glasses shop 10:00 – 19:00
Taiken Kobo・Megane Hakubutsukan・SabaeSweets・MUSEUM CAFE 10:00 – 17:00
New Year’s are closed.


[Web site]


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