Yōroppaken Sōhonten

▲Photo by This is Fukui

Katsudon is loved by Japanese people. However in Fukui, a sauce taste is so commonly spread that Sauce Katsudon is served instead of the common one topped with egg-drop sauce. It is said that the original Sauce Katsudon was born at “Yōroppaken Sōhonten” that is located near Fukui Station. The founder, Mr. Masutaro Takabatake, finished studying cooking for 6 years at a Japanese club in Berlin, Germany and returned to Japan in 1912. He painstakingly tried to match his German-trained Worcester sauce to the Japanese palate, and he unveiled ‘Sauce Katsudon’ for the first time in Japan at a culinary presentation in Tokyo in 1913.

▲The founder, Mr. Masutaro Takabatake. Photo by Yōroppaken Sōhonten

It is characterized by topping a thin slice of high quality pork loin and pork ham with a special bread crumbs, and deep frying with oil mixed with lard and tallow. Then, dipping it in a secret Worcester sauce-based sauce including various kinds of spices while it is hot, and putting it on hot rice covered with the sauce. All 19 restaurants including the affiliated ones are all located in Fukui. The Sauce Katsudon is popular as Fukui’s specialty right along with Echizen crab and northern shrimp. By the way, the bowl with a lid is served, and putting the meat on the lid is a local way to eat. A light texture without a oily smell, and a mellow taste of sweetness and sour taste will surely become addictive.

▲Photo by Yōroppaken Sōhonten
▲Besides the Sauce Katsudon, there is also a menu called Paridon that uses a minced meat cutlet. Photo by Yōroppaken Sōhonten


Junka 1-7-4, Fukui-shi

10 minutes walk from JR Fukui station.
If you have a car, please use a coin parking near the restaurant.

[Business hours]

11:00 – 20:00
Close on Tuesday and 1st and 3rd Monday but you better check in advance on this Web site.
Green means close.

Katsu-don 930 yen
Katsu-don set 1150 yen
Other menus are here but only in Japanese.

[Web site]
http://yo-roppaken.gourmet.coocan.jp (only in Japanese)


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