Kame House

There are eight beaches on the eight-kilometre long white sand beach in Takahama town where is ocated at the westernmost end of Fukui. One of them is a popular beach “Wakasa Wada Beach” which acquired the first international environmental certification “Blue Flag” in Asia, and it is characterized by its outstanding transparency, sea with shoals, and white and wide sand beach. Only three minutes from such a beautiful sea, there is a guest house named “Kame House.”

▲The exterior of Kame House. The building is such old. Photo by This is Fukui

The guest house was renovated from an old house on their own by a couple moving to Takahama. There are a large kitchen, a shared space, a toilet, a bathroom, etc. on the first floor, and from a private room on the second floor you can see Mt. Aoba known as “Mt. Fuji of Wakasa.” Also, there is a mixed dormitory with a capacity of 4 people that you can secure privacy by curtains. You can borrow free bikes at the inn, so it might be a good idea to go for a bike ride along the beautiful seaside.

▲The private room. It is quite spacious and the scenery is great. Photo by This is Fukui
▲The view from the window of the private room. It is a superb view. Photo by This is Fukui
▲This is the dormitory room. Up to 4 people can stay and there is enough space for each. Photo by This is Fukui
▲The bed in the dormitory room. Photo by This is Fukui
▲Photo by This is Fukui
▲The shared space and kitchen on the first floor. The table with triangles is fashionable. Photo by This is Fukui
▲The kitchen. As there are substantial kitchen utensils, it is recommended for long-term stay. Photo by This is Fukui
▲Photo by This is Fukui
▲BALMUDA The Toaster. There is a bakery in front of the station, so you can toast the bread you buy there. Photo by This is Fukui

▲Lots of information on other guest houses and Fukui. Photo by This is Fukui

▲Mt. Aoba. Photo by This is Fukui

▲Beautiful sunset shot by a drone.Photo by This is Fukui

127-48-2, Wada, Takahama-cho, Oi-gun, Fukui

About 10 minutes walk from JR Wakasa Wada train station.

[Business hours]
Check in 17:00 – 19:00 (Please check in advance)
Check out 12:00

Dorm 3,500 yen

[Web site]


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