Starbucks Coffee Takefu Chuo Koen

▲Photo by Starbucks Coffee Japan

The Starbucks Takefu Chuo Park store in Echizen City adopted its design concept of “connection” and Mr. Taichi Yamamoto from the City worked on the store design aiming for a space becoming one with a blend of “customers”, “barista”, “coffee” and “regional culture” that gathers in the park. On the ceiling part of the bar counter where the connection with the customer is born, Echizen Washi paper which expresses the connection with the local area is used, and the front panel of the bar counter is applied a lattice pattern which is baesd on the idea of suketa (a square bamboo weaved screen for making Washi).

▲Japanese washi paper is used for the ceiling above the counter. Photo by Starbucks Coffee Japan
▲There is a sense of openness in the spacious store. Photo by Starbucks Coffee Japan

Also, in the store the ideas unique to this area are scattered in various places; for instance, Anji who lives in Echizen draws the sensational artworks such as baristas brewing coffee, coffee farms, animals inhabiting the coffee production areas, and other coffee theme images in the Echizen Washi.

▲There is also a terrace seat facing the “Daruma-chan Plaza” that is popular with the parents and children. Photo by Starbucks Coffee Japan


Takefu Chuo Park, 2-7-131 Takase, Echizen-shi, Fukui

【Business hour】
08:00 – 21:00
Irregular holiday

【Web site】


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