Kiritsuma Yane Gun

▲The view from Miyazaki elementary school on the hill. Photo by This is Fukui

Located in the Enami neighborhood of Echizen-cho (town), “Kirizuma Yane Gun” is home to over 200 traditional Japanese buildings. Noted for their architecture, many of these buildings feature traditional Echizen Kawara tiles, white walls and beautiful wooden lattice work. The Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has certified Kirizuma Yane Gun as featuring 100 different examples of “Beautiful Japanese Village Landscape” and recognizes it as unique even in Japan. You can enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the area from the hill next to the local elementary school.

▲Photo by This is Fukui

During the cherry blossom season, a pink hedge of blossoms forms against the backdrop of the white walls. The architecture of Kirizuma Yane Gun’s gabled roofs is a result of the heavy snowfall that this area of Japan receives each year. The steep pitch of the roofs keeps the snow from building up too deep and heavy.

▲Taken from Miyazaki elementary School in April 2019. Photo by This is Fukui


Enami, Echizen-cho, Nyu-gun.

About 20 minutes by Fukutetsu Bus Echizen Coast Line bound for Kareizaki from JR Takefu Station. Just a short way from Enami bus stop.
Here is the bus timetable.
Car access is recommended.

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