The Fukui prefectural government building

▲Around the prefectural office in the cherry blossom season. Photo by This is Fukui

The Fukui prefectural government building is unique throughout the country as it is built on a moat. This is the place where originally Fukui Castle existed built in 1606, and for about 270 years, the renowned castle became a stage of prosperity of the Echizen Matsudaira family over the 17 generations. The castle initially built was a 37 meter high, and it is said to have had a four-tiered, five-story tenshu keep and triple moats. However, it was burnt down due to a massive fire. Today only part of the stone walls and moats remain. There is still a large foundation stone on the ruins of the castle keep, and you can recall the detailed of the time. Fukui Prefecture and Fukui city rebuilt the Orokabashi Bridge based on old photographs in the early Meiji period on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of Fukui Castle in 2008. The bridge was used by only the daimyo to back and forth between Honmaru and Sannomarugozasho. Also, ‘Fukunoi’ (good luck well), which allegedly gave its name to Fukui, in the castle was restored in 2017 to its state before the Fukui earthquake had occurred.

▲The restored Orokabashi Bridge. You can also visit a small museum, and watch a video that is during the restoration. Photo by This is Fukui
▲Fukunoi (good luck well). Photo by This is Fukui
▲Taken in April 2019. Photo by This is Fukui
▲Fukui Shrine near the prefectural office. Photo by This is Fukui
▲Such a unique form of torii gate which marks the entrance to a sacred space in Fukui Shrine. Photo by This is Fukui
▲Sakura-dori, where is a short walk from the prefectural office. Photo by This is Fukui


3-17-1 Ote, Fukui city, Fukui.

5 minutes walk from JR Fukui Station’s west gate.

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