Hoyattei where you can eat unique Takoyaki

▲It is called “Yamauni” because it looks like uni (sea urchin). Photo by Echizen Tai

Yamauni is a condiment that has been traditionally made in the Kawada district of Fukui prefecture. Rubbing and kneading a fully ripened shishito pepper, citrus junos, takanotsume pepper, and salt make the color like sea urchin. It is said that each house in Kawada has its own taste, and it goes well with various ingredients such as udon noodles and fried eggs. In order to spread yamauni, Mr. Kazuhiro Seki, a representative of Echizentai, began taking actions. Mr. Seki didn’t used to enjoy eating it when he was a kid, but he grew up and set his mind on popularize it. He tried to make it more appealing to children and came up with yamauni takoyaki through a trial and error process.

Photo by Echizen Tai
Photo by Echizen Tai

Not only is it served with yamauni, but the condiment is being kneaded even in the dough. You can eat this takoyaki at a small shop “Hoyattei” in front of JR Sabae Station. The price is 250 Yen for 4 balls and 500 Yen for 8 balls. You can choose a sauce from takoyaki sauce and soy sauce and also make a choice between spicy yamauni and mild yamauni as a side dish. The shop sells the takoyaki starting at 11 o’clock, and it is used as a bus stop shelter before its opening. Local sake and a couple of dishes that is best with yamauni are available in the evening. The dishes other than sake and takoyaki can be ordered during the day as well. Mr. Seki’s activities have gradually expanded and he now collaborates with a famous food select shop in Tokyo and conveyor belt sushi chain.

▲Many people drop by here after work and also pick up take-out. Photo by This is Fukui

1-1-4 Asahi Machi, Sabae-shi, Fukui.

【Business hours】
11:00 – 21:00
Closed on Sundays

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