Yokokan Garden

▲Photo by Fukui city Cultural Promotion Division

Yokokan Garden is one of the most famous gardens representing the early to mid Edo period, and is a Kaiyu style garden (a style of Japanese garden), which is a secondary residence of the lord of Echizen Fukui Domain, the Matsudaira family. As you go through the gate, you can see the garden spreading around a big pond and view a mansion built in the style of a tea-ceremony house like floating on the pond. It was known as the name of “Osensui Yashiki” during the Edo period from the looks of it. Unfortunately, in 1945 the original garden was destroyed in an air raid in World War II, but the buildings and garden were rebuilt after it was designated as a place of national scenic beauty in 1982.

▲Photo by Fukui city Cultural Promotion Division

▲Photo by Fukui Prefectural Tourism Federation

The current garden is restored based on a blueprint of ‘Osensui Sashizu’ dating back to 1823. The greatest feature of the mansion is, it is built in a position that is perpendicular and very close to the surface of the pond so that it can be thought that the mansion is almost directly above the pond spreading in the garden. With this ingenuity, visitors can feel like they are floating on the water in a houseboat. Flowers start to bloom in Spring: Yamazakura (Cerasus jamasakura) in mid April, Japanese iris (Iris laevigata), azalea and tree peony start to flower in late April. Actually, you can enjoy nature’s colors throughout the seasons such as Japanese iris (Iris ensata), Hydrangea macrophylla and Hydrangea serrata in June, autumn leaves, and Camellia sasanqua and snow cover in winter. There’s a season event lighting up the garden in the evening, too.

▲Photo by Fukui city Cultural Promotion Division
▲Photo by Fukui city Cultural Promotion Division

Also, Otsukiminoma (Moon Viewing Room), especially outfitted for tea ceremonies, offers you matcha tea and wagashi (seasonal Japanese sweets). The participation fee per person is 500 Yen. The real pleasure of this garden is that you can relax and view the landscape from a tatami room like the former feudal lord spent, not only feeling the beauty of the seasons and appreciating the attention to details such as arranging doors and windows for visitors’ eyes. Its charm is not limited to domestic, but it is also recognized from outside the country. It has been ranked as one of the top Japanese gardens in American garden specialty magazine “Sukiya Living Magazine.” Since you can spend as much time as you want during the opening hour, you might want to enjoy the garden that changes attractions with the passage of time.

▲Photo by Fukui city Cultural Promotion Division
▲Photo by Fukui city Cultural Promotion Division
3-11-36, Hoei, Fukui city, Fukui.

15 minutes walk from JR Fukui Station.

Also accessible by bus from JR Fukui Station West Exit Bus Terminal 1 & 2.
After the ride get off at “Yokokan Garden Edo-kamicho” and walk about 3 minutes from there.

If you come by car, there are two parking lots. Check out the parking places from here.

[Business hour]
9:00 – 19:00

*Please enter 30 minutes before closing.
*Closed at 17:00 from November 6th to the end of February.
*Closed on the end of the year (Dec.28 – Jan.4).

210 yen

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