Echizen Ono Castle, the castle in the sky

▲Photo by This is Fukui

Echizen Ono Castle is a castle built on 249-meter high Kameyama in the Ono-bonchi Basin. Around 1575, it was built by Kanamori Nagachika spending five years. As for the present Tenshu (keep), it was rebuilt in 1968 using a pictorial diagram of the castle and the other castles of the same period as a reference, and a lot of relics of the successive castellans are on display inside.

▲The view from Kameyama. Photo by This is Fukui

According to Ono City Hall’s Mr. Shimizu, Ono City’s Echizen Ono Castle has been garnering national attention of late, as “The Castle in the Clouds.” It earned this nickname due to the clouds that form about its base from sunrise until around 9 A.M. that make it appear as though it is floating in the sky. These clouds form when the day prior was humid, there is a big difference in temperature between noon the previous day and the morning, and the wind is not very strong. It is a rare event that only occurs 10 times a year, from fall through spring.

▲Photo by Fukui Prefectural Tourism Federation

Nagachika started constructing a grid-pattern castle town similar to Kyoto’s one along its castellation. Therefore, Ono is called “Little Kyoto of the Hokuriku Region.” There is a town subdivided by waterways and moats still remaining even at present, and a lot of traditional folk houses and traditional Japanese storehouses for heavy snowfall area exist. Also, about 20 temples are lined with on Teramachi Street, and it still has the atmosphere of the flavor of the castle town.

▲A lot of old buildings remain in the city. Photo by This is Fukui
▲You can’t miss a morning market “Shichiken Asaichi” that has continued since the Edo period. Photo by This is Fukui
▲Shichiken Asaichi. Photo by This is Fukui



About 20 minutes on foot from JR Echizen Ono Station.
If you are motoring, we suggest parking at “Kameyama Nishi Parking Lot” or “Echizen Ono Yui Station” on the west side of Kameyama.

[Business hours]
From April to September
9:00 – 17:00

From October to November
6:00 – 16:00

*Please enter by 30 minutes before closing.
*Closed from December 1st to March 31st.

200yen *Junior high school students and under are free.

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