Hanahasu Koen (Lotus Park)

▲Photo by Fukui Prefectural Tourism Federation

In Fukui, you can enjoy seeing the lotus flowers in summer. There is a “Hanahasu Koen (Lotus Park)” in Minami-Echizen-cho located in the center of Fukui Prefecture, where boasts the best production of the lotus flowers in Japan. There are 10 ponds for viewing in a vast 33,000 hectares lotus fields, with flowers of 15 to 30 cm in diameter blooming from the round green leaves spreading on the surface of the water. It is a spectacular park with about 130 different varieties including domestic and foreign countries ones, such as “three color lotus” having dreamy, creamy-white petals with pink tips and a miracle flower “Oga lotus (*1).”

*1) Oga lotus is an ancient lotus revived from peat layer 2000 years before, and it is designated as a natural treasure in Chiba Prefecture. The flowers blooming in Hanahasu Koen are from the roots given by Chiba.

▲Photo by Fukui Prefectural Tourism Federation

Also, you can enjoy snacks and sweets originating from the lotus at a teahouse and souvenir shop located on the premises. The Lotus Festival is held every June to August when the lotus flowers blossom. There are many events that can be enjoyed regardless of age and gender, among which “Zobihai” is popular. Zobihai is a drinking event of drinking juice, wine and Japanese sake poured in the leaves through a lotus stem. It seems to be good to beat the summer heat as the drink has a clean finish with the lush aroma. In addition to this, there are also experiences that can be souvenirs and memories such as dyeing using lotus leaf extracts, papermaking using stem fibers, a photo contest and so on. There is no entry times for the park, so you can view the lotus from early hours, but the flowers close up around 10 AM. The bloom conditions can be confirmed on facebook, so it is convenient to check before going out.

▲Photo by Fukui Prefectural Tourism Federation
Nakagoya 64-41, Minami-echizen-cho, Nanjo-guy, Fukui prefecture.

Car access is recommended.

There are spcial buses during the Lotus Festival.

[Business hours]
Unrestricted Entry.

200yen cleaning support fee *During the Lotus Festival

[Web site]


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